Ohio State Club Lacrosse

NCLL Midwest North Division

About Us

Ohio State Club Lacrosse is a competitive non-varsity club team and a member of the NCLL. Our organization is mostly self-sufficient, receiving limited funding from the university and relying primarily on player dues. We welcome players of all talent levels. The last couple of years we have found great success, including a national championship appearance in 2007, and have consistently been a top-tier program in our league. The team generally travels throughout the Midwest and East Coast for fall and spring tournaments.

Historically we do not cut players or hold try-outs, but we emphasize that being a competitive team requires putting our best players on the field. That being said, we try our best to accommodate everyone, holding the integrity of the team as our first priority. As our program starts to become more competitive, the team will have tryouts for a "travel roster" for those to play in games. We compete both in the Fall and the Spring semesters, with two sessions of tryouts for each season. Players who do not make the travel roster are encourage to continue to practice with the team to improve and for the love of the game.